Emotional Alchemy | Family Constellations & Reiki Healing Workshop

May 6th, 2013

Presented by Norma Jean Young & The Chiropractic Zone

If you are interested in the systemic nature of relationships, curious about health issues or challenging life circumstances, or just want to break through some old patterns – this workshop will be a pleasant surprise.

Family Constellations are a facilitated group adventure that can reveal and liberate us from negative patterns related to our families and our ancestors. The process can lead to profound positive changes in our lives and choices around relationships with love, money, careers and spirituality. Family Constellations allow you to “see and feel” where you are “hooked” into your patterns and choices, and how to step through them with strength and grace. Participants observe and participate in multiple constellations, rounding out their experiences and generating new perspectives capable of re-energizing the pattern making in their current lives.

Reiki Natural Healing, Usui Shiki Ryoho, is a safe, simple way of caring for your body, mind and spirit. For Constellations, we practice a gentle, respectful hand placement that invites a strong, reliable life-force current into ourselves, our families, and community. Reiki and Constellations are a most auspicious combination for the good of all.

Thurs., May 30 | 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Introduction & Community Circle Open to Everyone

Fri., June 31- Sun., June 2 | 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
The Chiropractic Zone | Sears House
2812 Meinhold Rd. | Langely, WA

Deposit: $75 to reserve space
Balance due: At start of workshop
Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and Poetry provided

TO REGISTER: Please send your deposit by May 23 to reserve your space.
Check: c/o Norma Jean Young, PO Box 864, Langley, WA 98260
PayPal: timothy@cunninghamm.com

Contact Norma Jean for exchange economy and scholarship opportunities 425-770-4120



Timothy Cunninghamm
Timothy is a Certified Counselor in Washington, and a trained Family Constellation facilitator, with experience leading constellations nationally and internationally since 1997. He is a 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner.





Norma Jean Young
Norma Jean is a Reiki Grandmother, integrationist and innovator. She has served in the role of nurse, medical social worker/valued counselor, Waldorf teacher, music therapist, and Arica Institute consciousness trainer. She is a seasoned Reiki Master and most valued Elder, setting a new footprint in the Reiki Movement.


Super Value

April 1st, 2013

Also available online at:


In Washington:
Huckleberry’s Natural Markets – Spokane Area
Main Market Co-op – Downtown Spokane

In Idaho:
Pilgrim’s Market – Coeur d’Alene, ID
Winter Ridge Natural Foods – Sandpoint, ID


April 1st, 2013

Customize the power: Add as much Lyte Balance™ as you like and need. Each serving packs 2X the electrolyte charge of most sports drinks (Compare). Use more when training and healing – less when spending the day on the couch!

Balance your hydration: All you taste is 100% pure healthful electrolyte salts – the degree of saltiness you taste changes according to your health, diet and activity. The Taste-Ability of Lyte Balance lets you know when to use more or less to meet YOUR needs.

Control sugar, calories and flavor: The salty taste of Lyte Balance mixes easily in water, milk or your morning smoothie. Great as a healthy alternative to table salt: add to soup, veggies – even oatmeal. Turns your favorite food or drink into superfood.  RECIPES

Save green, go green: Each bottle makes up to 64 customized energy drinks saving the green in your pocket and saving Mother Earth from dozens more plastic bottles.


Blood Pressure and Electrolytes

Do you need electrolytes?



Add a little balance.

April 1st, 2013

Blood Pressure and Electrolytes

August 28th, 2012

The body needs a volume of fluids and ratio of electrolytes to carry nutrients, remove wastes and support the fluid demands of the cells, muscles, bones, and organs.  Blood pressure  reveals both electrolyte proportion and location of your body fluids. At the optimal blood pressure of 120/80, cellular-and- extracellular hydration levels are appropriately balanced to deliver nutrients and remove wastes effectively. The cellular network throughout the body benefits from  increased electrical potential, but the real plus in this equation is that the laws of fluid balance are in full play – creating efficient fluid, energy and communication systems throughout the body system. In essence, it’s a balanced pumping system with easy ins and outs.

Distortion of proportion

Low or high blood pressure can indicate a fluid and OR electrolyte imbalance that marginalizes the cellular to extracellular fluid balance. This in turn creates regions of the body canal system that are under watered and other regions that are over watered. The negative here is that it takes more energy to balance fluids in restricted or drought regions with a resulting loss of nutrients and energy for repair.

The standard protocol for lowering or increasing blood pressure is to add or remove certain electrolytes.  For example: reduce sodium and add potassium to lower blood pressure;  add sodium to increase blood pressure.   Research indicates however, a mix of electrolytes with sodium, potassium and magnesium is highly effective for restoring a mid-line blood pressure of 120/80. The closer you are to this midline- the closer you are to Core Hydration!

Lyte Balance is a balanced electrolyte replacement you can use to hydrate and improve your electrolyte balance.  The taste of Lyte Balance varies with each person, reflecting the concentration of electrolyte salts in YOUR body. With no calories, sweeteners or flavorings you can mix Lyte Balance in water or a beverage of your choice.  Lyte Balance let’s you control the taste, calories, sugars AND amount to use.

© Smell Taste Technology 2012

Electrolytes – The Fluid of Life

August 31st, 2011

Why do we at SENSEable Supplements think electrolytes are so important? Electrolytes play a fundamental role in human health. These primary mineral salts fuel every metabolic process. Electrolytes manage muscle and nerve function. They are the reason you can wiggle your fingers and toes. They keep your heart beating.  An imbalance of electrolytes is likely responsible for those muscle cramps and ‘charley horses’ you experience. Electrolytes are key to hydration – they help keep your skin and lips soft and healthy. They are crucial for fluid balance, that tricky dance that keeps fluids inside and outside of the cells so nutrients are transported and wastes eliminated.

Managing your fluid balance could arguably be the foundation for managing your health.  Lyte Balance Electrolytes provide a healthy balance of potassium, sodium, magnesium, & bicarbonate that can help hydrate, stabilize and energize your body.

Check the list below to see if YOU need to improve your
electrolyte balance:

• Low or high blood pressure
• Cold hands and/or feet
• Muscle cramps
• Fluid retention
• Dry Skin and lips
• Fatigue and/or Mental confusion
• Inability to sweat or excessive sweating
• Constipation
• Chronic infections

Are You Healthy?

February 10th, 2010

Seems like an easy question but how would you assess the state of your health? At the top of the list might be that you don’t suffer from any disease or have symptoms that prevent you from working or doing the activities you enjoy.  Even if you have chronic conditions, how could you know if you are as healthy as you can be?

The medical field uses vital signs as one way to measure health – blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and of late, the BMI (Body Mass Index). If you fall within a normal range you are healthier than if you fall outside of the range.

A European study published in the Archive of Internal Medicine last summer  showed that 4 lifestyle factors can have a strong impact on the prevention of chronic diseases*:  no smoking, keeping your BMI  under 30, exercising or physical activity for 3.5 hours a week and eating a healthy diet (defined as high intake of fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread and low meat consumption).

A healthy diet provides the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fats your body uses to build, maintain and repair cells, organs, hormone systems, hair, teeth and even your fingernails.

If vital signs can quantify your internal biochemistry, is there a metric for measuring if your diet is giving you the nutrients you need?  You can order a blood test, hair analysis or muscle testing to figure out your nutrient levels.  These tests require professional help and the results are valid for a only a certain period of time.  They can also be costly.

For over 25 years we have been using supplement smell & taste testing as a means to assess nutrient needs.  All you need is a working nose or taste buds and a nutrient to smell or taste.  SenseAble Supplements offers 30 smell or taste testable supplements.  A nutrient profile based upon smell or taste is a low cost self assessment that can be used as often as you like to monitor your changing nutrient demands.

Wired magazine reported last summer that online programs that let you record and monitor health statistics (personal metrics)  is one of the fastest growing, popular trends today.  While most can track your weight, exercise and vital signs, our online Nutrient Report Card is the only program that gives you the ability to input your nutrient smell & taste scores to see if you’re meeting your nutrient needs.

Use the Report to guide your supplement and food choices and then re-score the nutrients to watch your progress.  Vital sign and symptom tracking are also available so you can track all your health numbers in one convenient program.


*(type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer)

Burn it. Build it. Grow your health.

February 8th, 2010

You need exercise – but it’s not the burn of the calories that builds health – its the build.  While there are lots of ways to move your energy – nourishment is what returns and grows health.  Think of it like a flow chart with energy output and nutrient input.  That’s the key to a successful re-creation of a living organism.  Yes – you will lose weight if you increase output via exercise and decrease input via less calories.  That’s a fact!   However the selection of nutrients drives the creation of the healthy the body you desire.

Charting your personal burn rate with sites like Nike (see June 2009 Wired Magazine) gives you a clear picture of how your output game is tuning you up. What’s missing is an equally important tracking system that goes beyond the calorie and nutrient label we all love to read.  A tracking system that looks directly into your body to track your personal nutrient profile.

Your personal  Nutrient Report Card can play a significant role in your body re-build and re-model program by creating a personal nutrient profile with a simple smell or taste test.  You can Preference Test up to 30 specific nutrients in the comfort of your home to learn what your body really wants.  Find foods and supplements that match your needs.  Imagine remodeling a kitchen – and putting all the same old appliances back into those new cabinets.  If you are going to do the hard work – enjoy the full benefits of a master re-model driven by information stored in your body.

Preference Tests with smell & taste give you an evolutionary advantage in the quest for health.  No matter what you do for a workout, growing health is an inside job.  Listen to your body talk – take a Preference Test. Your body wants to be healthy. Your body loves being healthy.  Follow that desire.  Burn it – then re-build from the inside out.  Give yourself the fuel your body desires. Where do you want to grow today?


ChemBalance & SenseAble Supplements

January 1st, 2010

I’m excited to welcome you to the new services offered by SenseAble Supplements.  SenseAble Supplements is a company created by myself and my business partner and friend Tim Cunninghamm. Tim and I have been involved with the science and practical application of nutrient smell & taste for nearly 30 years.  We’ve combined our unique experience to provide the education, support and products to use smell and taste to help you make smarter supplement and food choices.

You may be wondering how ChemBalance fits with SenseAble Supplements.  ChemBalance Assessments are still available as usual along with my personal consultations. As always, I am here to answer your questions and concerns.

SenseAble Supplements offers a self-assessment option through the online Nutrient Report Card.  You can input your scores from supplement smell and taste testing and get a personalized list of supplements and foods. Use your Report Card to guide your supplement and food choices, re-score your supplements and see what changes. Add vital signs and symptoms to monitor your progress.  A Nutrient Report Card Membership is just $19.95 a year and allows you to track up to six members of your family.

A Nutrient Report Card Membership also entitles you to discounted prices on all smell and taste kits, as well as vitamin and mineral refills.  Members have access to forums and special features about topics related to our products and services.

You’ll now order through the SenseAble Supplements store on the website (you can still call me, too!).  We have researched the supplement market and found the best smell and taste testable supplements available.  You may see some new manufacturers and labels – be assured each have passed our standards for quality and purity.  With new Member discounts, you’ll pay  less for electrolytes and kit refills.

I would love to get your comments and questions – call or email me!

Karen Nielsen

Take the Challenge

January 1st, 2010


In 1975 the internet was just a kid and smell and taste research was all about marketing stuff. Remember the Pepsi Challenge? This supermarket campaign was my first experience with taste testing.  It was fun and back then I actually preferred Pepsi. The results of that simple sip test have been challenged for accuracy and effectiveness – but as I was to discover later, preference tests have more to offer when nourishment, not taste entertainment is the goal.

I experienced my first smell and taste test using supplements in 1979. I was not interested in taking supplements even though I ate like a college kid. My smell and taste scores were all over the place – some high and some low. I came back for more smell tests.  What the heck I thought, maybe I’ll learn something useful. The very idea that my senses could help me stay healthy was a very interesting concept.  The more I directed my supplement and food choices  guided by smell and taste the more curious I became.

Why would I prefer Vitamin A Tuesday and Vitamin D on Friday? Why would my preferences change from day to day? My friends and family all had smell and taste scores different from mine and they changed from day to day as well.  When I added foods that matched my preferences, my perception of smells and tastes changed accordingly.  Over time my preference scores became more regular and centered in the middle. I felt stronger and more confident about my own senses and my ability to nourish myself.  I kept track of my vital signs as well and watched them go through their cycles too.  Party too much – my scores would take a dive. Overdrive a term paper weekend – crash and burn – my scores changed then too! Slowly and surely my experiences gave me enough personal proof that I became enamored of a simple premise.

Smell and taste responses changed according to my body’s needs.

In other words – the more I needed a specific nutrient – the better it smelled or tasted when compared to a lesser needed nutrient or supplement.  Good thing I wasn’t alone! I learned this in the company of several friends and family members who for the past thirty years have shared and experienced the same benefits from tracking their smell and taste preferences.

The good news is you can check this premise out for yourself with our online Nutrient Report Card. Let your curiosity roam and your senses be your guides.  Get a smell or taste kit – put your senses to work for you – upload your scores – change your diet – get some exercise! Watch what happens.

It’s a sense-able approach to the vexing question of how best to meet your daily needs.

We won’t try to tell you what supplements or foods you need – we’ll leave that to your natural intelligence. We think that’s a tastefull path to good nutrition. Good hunting and Bon Appétit!